Tableau with three figures

three figures at a table

oil on canvas ・ 36 × 44″

The overt narrative in this picture is the 80th birthday of my Fine Arts Head from my time at Mount Allison University. We have subsequently become close friends, and I spend time with him in Sackville, New Brunswick, where Mount A. is located, and where he still lives.

The interior narrative focusses on the dynamic between three figures engaged in a conversation. This picture took some time to complete. I had made one full size version which I subsequently withdrew, and began this slightly larger version. It remained unfinished over a winter in my outdoor studio. When I came back to it in the spring I could see the dynamics lacked organization and continuity, and I repainted sections of it to the state which it now stands.

The painting is one of the larger ones, and paintings of this nature take much more time to find resolution.


The two paintings below were studies.

oil on canvas 12 × 16″

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