The (Un)certainty of Seeing, the Paintings of Stephen Scott

This catalogue was produced in association with the exhibition of the same name held at The Saint John Arts Centre in November 2021. The works in the exhibition had covered works selected over a period of ten years, and focussed entirely on figurative painting. The design was laid out by Goose Lane Editions, and was printed at Hume Media in Toronto.

There are four contributors essays. The book title and essay was created by Tom Smart, Director and CEO of the Beaverbrook Art Gallery. Essays by Jennifer Pazienza, Robert Barriault and Virgil Hammock help provide rich context for an understanding of the content and thought behind the production of my work.

Book dimensions are 11 X 9″, Perfect Bound soft cover.

From Feeling to Observation; Drawings by Stephen Scott

From Feeling to Observation Cover.  Xeno – Optic. 82 pp.  ISBN 978-1-927054-37-6

bodemuseum and bridge, berlin

This book is the result of a collaboration between the Department of Fine Arts at Saint Thomas University in Fredericton, New Brunswick, the direction of William Forrestall and myself. It is the third book of this type by Williams publication entity Xeno-Optic. It is soft-cover, 8 × 8″,  includes 42 drawings, two essays and replies to a series of questions posed by students in William’s Fine Arts class. The essays are by Robert Barriault and Virgil Hammock. The drawings cover a span of time throughout my career, and are for the most part unexhibited working drawings, field notes or idea notations. They comprise the subject of landscape, or non-figurative elements in the natural world.

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Surface Reflections: The Paintings of Stephen Scott

By Robert Barriault

Surface Reflections [cover]
Surface Reflections cover design. Echo Press. 56 pp. ISBN 0-99930-761-4

This book was commissioned in an effort to provide a retrospective organization of my work from its university on. I had become uncomfortable with the idea that as my work had undergone many creative shifts I had avoided establishing a branded visibility, and hence what I had already considered to be a limitation due to regional associations was compounded by this. I also considered the lack of opportunity for general visibility due to being restricted within a small local market, and its lack of critical infrastructures. Bob Barriault has provided a brilliant analysis which not only helped pull together the threads of my creativity in a longitudinal study, but who also uncovered certain conditions and formal inclinations which underly my creative energies. In fact I embraced his revelations as a foundation of my own self-understanding going forward.

Contemporary Currents: Nine New Brunswick Artists

Contemporary Currents
Catalogue cover for Contemporary Currents: Nine New Brunswick Artists/Courants contemporains : neuf artistes du Nouveau-Brunswick. UMaine Museum of Art, 2016 (pages from the catalogue)

Off the Radar: Impressions of the contemporary New Brunswick art scene through Maine eyes

By Edgar Allen Beem in the Spring, 2016, issue of the Beaverbrook Art Gallery’s billie.

billie [cover], volume 1, issue 2, Spring, 2016
Billie; Undercurrents in Atlantic Canadian Visual Culture, Volume 1/Issue 2, Spring, 2016

Interior page from billie.
Interior page from billie.

Alden Nowlan; Selected Works

Alden Nowlan, oil on canvas, 47 X 47″  2009

Page from Atlantic Books with illustration for frontispiece of anthology of poetry of Alden Nowlan by  Brian Bartlett (which served as a study for a  portrait of Alden Nowlan above) published by Goose Lane.


Stranger Still ~ Songs of Bread, Wine and Salt

Stranger Still~ Songs of Bread, Wine and Salt

Inside CD jacket of eleven of Alden Nowlan’s poems set as musical compositions by Pete Johnston (See Through Music). A detail of my painting of Alden appears again as my contribution to this unique album.

See the following link to buy a digital or CD copy of this unique music.



Stephen Scott, The Definitive Neopostromantic

Stephen Scott | THE EAST magazine
THE EAST · 2014-11-27

William Forrestall/Stephen Scott: The Reflective Gaze

Vie des arts, The Reflective Gaze page layout Vie des arts, The Reflective Gaze page layout featuring Stephen Scott painting
Vie des Arts, No. 238, Printemps 2015; Virgil Hammock


Strassenleben; Coyote WC-Press, Berlin. Limited Edition silkscreen book, 2011 Strassenleben; Coyote WC-Press, Berlin. Limited Edition silkscreen book, 2011 Strassenleben; Coyote WC-Press, Berlin. Limited Edition silkscreen book, 2011 Strassenleben; Coyote WC-Press, Berlin. Limited Edition silkscreen book, 2011
Coyote WC-Press, Berlin. Limited Edition silkscreen book, 2011

Portraits: New Brunswick Painters

Portraits: New Brunswick Painters [cover]

Peter Larocque, Peter Buckland, James Wilson. New Brunswick Museum; ISBN 9-780-9-19326-62-0, 2009

Celebrating 40 Years/Quarante ans, ça se fête

Celebrating 40 Years [catalogue cover]
New Brunswick Art Bank Anniversary Exhibition/Exposition anniversaire de la Banque d’œvres d’art du Nouveau-Brunswick; Province of New Brunswick, 2008

Stephen Scott; Works After Berlin


Stephen Scott: Works after Berlin [catalogue cover]

September 8–30, 2006 · Gallery 78

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works after berlin book pdf

Pablo Neruda: twenty poems of love and a desperate song

Pablo Neruda; twenty poems of love and a desperate song
translated by Patrick McDougall. Akamina Ridge Press, 2011
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