• Stephen Scott – Recent Works – by Robert Barriault 2020-05-28Stephen Scott - Recent Works - by Robert Barriault
    I’d Really Like to Talk to You about Stephen Scott and his latest Figure Painting... Review of my latest work by Robert Barriault — (05/20) Robert Barriault / Montreal Reflections (making photographs, thinking about art)
  • Mastering the Good — Stephen Scott 2020-04-29Mastering the Good — Stephen Scott
    Article by Virgil Hammock on my work in relation to beauty.
  • From Feeling to Observation — a book of working drawings 2019-04-04From Feeling to Observation — a book of working drawings
    A recent publication of my drawings which were made as studies and field notes.
  • Archival Giclée from the Berlin Series — “Dogs” 2019-01-31Archival Giclée from the Berlin Series — “Dogs”
    This high definition digitally scanned archival giclée is from a run of 40 signed images.
  • Graham Sutherland talk with Virgil Hammock at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery 2019-01-29Graham Sutherland talk with Virgil Hammock at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery
    Stephen Scott in conversation with Virgil Hammock at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery in Fredericton, New Brunswick.
  • studio visit; the symbol in imagery 2019-01-20studio visit; the symbol in imagery
    A brief video clip shot in Stephen Scott’s Fredericton, New Brunswick, studio, in December, 2018.
  • Mexico Colours 2018-04-21Mexico Colours
    Some thoughts on a visit to San Miguel de Allende.
  • In Praise of Patrons 2017-06-25In Praise of Patrons
    An essay on the romantic idea of Patronage, based on personal experience.
  • Contemporary Currents; Nine New Brunswick Artists 2016-09-28Contemporary Currents; Nine New Brunswick Artists
    I was included in an exhibition of nine New Brunswick artists at the University of Maine Museum of Art.
  • sketchbook; 30 minutes 2016-08-20sketchbook; 30 minutes
    The expressive line in drawing.
  • Shippagan Sketchbook 2016-07-29Shippagan Sketchbook
    Oil sketching in northern New Brunswick.
  • Light 2016-07-24Light
    My response to having converted an outbuilding with skylight to a summer studio.
  • the studio 2016-03-29the studio
    Thoughts on working in the studio as opposed to pleine air, and the use of field notes.
  • the commission 2016-03-16the commission
    My experience painting a posthumous portrait of the celebrated poet Alden Nowlan.
  • the sketchbox 2016-03-15the sketchbox
    It's not necessary to find the perfect romantic motif for landscape painting. In fact I find it more satisfying to extract truth from environmental studies.
  • notebook 2016-03-12notebook
    The notebook for a visual artist is the same as a harmonica to a blues player. It should always be in your possession.
  • the working drawing 2016-03-09the working drawing
    Ideas go through many stages before they reach some form of conclusion.
  • sunday 2016-02-12sunday
    This is an autobiographical poem set in childhood. It was written while studying for my degree in Art Therapy.
  • before the snow 2016-01-05before the snow
    oil on linen, 12 × 16″ oil on linen, 12 × 16″
  • brook 2015-10-15brook
    There is an unnamed brook behind where I live. Before the cold weather comes I will attempt a few quick paintings to mark the boundary between two worlds.
  • Grove 2015-10-02Grove
    Two small works done in Inkerman, New Brunswick. It's near the coast in a wooded area close to the fishing town of Shippegan.
  • Pop-up at Roberts Gallery — Stephen Scott and Suzanne Olivier 2015-09-19Pop-up at Roberts Gallery — Stephen Scott and Suzanne Olivier
    Image page from a two-man show at Roberts Gallery in Toronto.
  • Stephen Scott at the Thunder and Lightning 2015-05-14Stephen Scott at the Thunder and Lightning
    An exhibition of works done in the Sackville area, shown in the Thunder and Lightning, as part of the Bordertown Festival in Sackville, New Brunswick.
  • Portrait of Alden Nowlan fine art print 2015-03-19Portrait of Alden Nowlan fine art print
    One of the many outcomes from the commissioned portrait of the poet Alden Nowlan.
  • Late Summer 2014 2015-02-27Late Summer 2014
    Late Summer, oil on canvas, 11 × 14″, 2014
  • Stephen Scott, The Definitive Neopostromantic 2014-11-27Stephen Scott, The Definitive Neopostromantic
    This is a great article if I do say so. The East magazine: Stephen Scott, The Definitive Neopostromantic.
  • The Reflective Gaze — Forrestall and Scott — the Saint John Arts Centre 2014-11-13The Reflective Gaze — Forrestall and Scott — the Saint John Arts Centre
    A show of two very diverse realist painters who share a surprising amount of aesthetic judgment.
  • Forrestall and Scott — The Reflective Gaze — on hanging day 2014-11-09Forrestall and Scott — The Reflective Gaze — on hanging day
    The subtext for the show evolved from a discussion on the role of selective perception in representational painting, and by extension how aesthetic judgments give pictorial language to non-verbal expression.
  • Mount Allison Fine Arts Alumni Exhibition 2014-10-04Mount Allison Fine Arts Alumni Exhibition
    This exhibition of alumni artists from the Fine Art Department at Mount Allison University celebrated the opening of the new Fine Arts building.
  • More studio time 2014-09-24More studio time
    More reflections upon returning to the studio of some landscape work done during the summer spent in Sackville, New Brunswick.
  • Studio time 2014-09-23Studio time
    A look at some landscape sketches and drawings made in Sackville, New Brunswick over the summer.
  • End of summer — looking forward 2014-09-14End of summer — looking forward
    This was the second summer I had spent in Sackville visiting an area I had grown very fond of while earning my B.FA. I had spent the summer doing landscape paintings.
  • Where Sunny lived 2014-07-22Where Sunny lived
    Cyrenus (Sunny) Robichaud is my wife's uncle. A bachelor, he has lived in the small village of Inkerman on the Acadian peninsula all of his life. He has reached the point of having to leave his house, and it is left as it was when he was living there.
  • Sackville School? 2014-07-07Sackville School?
    Site of a proposed future Guild Academy of Arts. This project is an idea generated by Virgil, Meredith and myself which would develop in an effort to provide instruction for painting technique and support of a somewhat classical aesthetic philosophy.
  • Sackville (Reprise) 2014-06-29Sackville (Reprise)
    As is my habit I am away from the sturm, dust and drang of the metropolis for the summer. I have returned to Sackville for a reprise of last summers adventures.
  • Portland Museum of Art 2014-06-16Portland Museum of Art
    A trip to Portland with stops at Bodoin College and the Farnsworth Museum in Rockland, Maine. A main feature was a retrospective of Richard Estes painting.
  • Stephen Paints a Picture 2014-03-12Stephen Paints a Picture
    An exhibition which included a portrait of Virgil Hammock and a number of my more important paintings. It's origin lay in a project of Virgil's and mine which centred on a 20 part text of the conversation between us while working on a Virgil's portrait, and which was available as an ebook.
  • Docent Talk 2014-03-02Docent Talk
    An interesting day followed in which we spoke to the docents on the nature of the works in the exhibition at the Beaverbrook. The range of topics covered the birth of creative inspiration to technical issues.
  • Popup at the Beaverbrook 2014-02-08Popup at the Beaverbrook
    A show curated by Virgil Hammock of my work at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery in Fredericton. It is built around a portrait project we undertook over the past summer and involved the development of an ebook of our conversations on art during the sittings.
  • Saint John from a different perspective 2014-02-05Saint John from a different perspective
    Some insights into my radiation treatments for cancer post-surgery.
  • Thanksgiving with Tom 2013-10-14Thanksgiving with Tom
    Spending time with an artist who had been a big inspiration early on in setting my own course in the arts.
  • Halifax October 1 2013-09-15Halifax October 1
    My summer projects finished in September. My next voyage then began, an all-consuming experience beginning with surgery for cancer.
  • Timeline September 2013 2013-09-10Timeline September 2013
    In September I packed my studio for an extended leave. I had been diagnosed with a stage 4 cancer and was on my way to Halifax.
  • What is correspondence? 2013-09-07What is correspondence?
    Thoughts on correspondence with a colleague about what being an artist is about.
  • Newfoundland Suite at the Yellow Box, Fredericton 2013-09-05Newfoundland Suite at the Yellow Box, Fredericton
    A group of oil sketches from a series made in 2012 in southwestern Newfoundland. Curated by William Forrestall with text by Virgil Hammock.
  • Running Down the Muse 2013-08-20Running Down the Muse
    On inspiration, and personal experience.
  • The Sackville School 2013-07-26The Sackville School
    Some thoughts on spending my first summer since 1977 in the rural environment of the Tantramar region, and reflections on its artistic heritage.
  • Performance vs. Production 2013-07-09Performance vs. Production
    A rambling essay on creative production and the inevitable need to present ones art.
  • Inside the Studio — exhibition day Sunbury Shores 2013-06-22Inside the Studio — exhibition day Sunbury Shores
    Photos of the exhibition "Inside the Studio" at Sunbury Shores, Saint Andrews, New Brunswick.
  • From the Studio 2013-06-12From the Studio
    Preparation for an exhibitory myself and Ann Manuel at Sunbury Shores in St. Andrews, with a studio-centered theme focusing on the creative process as it evolves from studio practice.
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